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CollabXT is out of date. New versions of V-Modell XT will be supported by PET (Process Enactment Tool Framework, provided by TU München). Please visit this site for new information.

Project Description

The goal of CollabXT is to operationalise the German development standard V-Modell®XT by creating a set of tools based on Microsoft's development- and collaboration-tools family. V-Modell®XT-based software development processes will be seamlessly integrated in the users' well known working environments. As such, these processes become a natural choice in .NET-based software development. To achieve it's goals, CollabXT defines a set of transformation rules, generators to automatically create workspaces in the target platforms, and concepts for further development and maintainance.

Specifically, it is the aim of CollabXT to provide a set of generators that automatically build V-Modell®XT workspaces in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System/Team Foundation Server. The generators will build upon and extend the well-established standard tools for the V-Modell®XT.

The project CollabXT-SP supports V-Modell XT integration with Sharepoint 2007 Services.


  • 28.04.2008: Quite a lot happening lately. With more people using CollabXT SP, more bugs were (and surely will be) found. To make it short, here's yet another bugfix release that should solve a whole bunch of issues. Please find this latest release here: CollabXT SP Generator 0.2.3040.28838
  • 22.04.2008: A bugfix release has been released that should solve problems with an English Windows Server 2003. Even if you use the German Windows Server 2003, it's recommended to download this latest version here: CollabXT SP Generator 0.2.3040.25397
  • 19.02.2008: A new version of the generator tool has been released. You can download this version here: CollabXT SP Generator 0.2.2971.35183
  • 22.10.2007: This site goes online. First version of the generator tool has been released: CollabXT SP Generator - Initial Release

Project Goals

CollabXT provides automatic tool-support for the German V-Modell®XT IT-Systems development standard. V-Modell®XT is a standard development process that can be tailored during project initialization to fit project-specifc requirements. Starting from a tailored V-Modell®XT, the CollabXT concept provides tool-support to further operate the project. This project addresses a non-development, document management-only use case. CollabXT-SP targets Microsoft Sharepoint services 2007 and aims at:
  • Support for:
    • Integerated Application Lifecycle Management
    • Collaboration in distributed development projects
    • Automated process support and operation
    • Sophisticated user-assistance
  • Features:
    • Every (tailored) V-Modell®XT 1.2.1 can be used as basis
    • Metamodel-based process for deriving generators and process-extenders, including
      • Product Library, Process Documentations
      • Task Lists, Cockpit-like Web-Frontend
      • Support for German and English V-Modell®XT derivatives
    • The V-Modell®XT standard tool-chain is extended for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 (and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System/Team Foundation Server - planned...)

Further Material

3rd-Party Open Source Tools

For CollabXT SP we used some nice additions listed here: The V-Modell tools are also available as stand-alone and Open Source at SourceForge - 4ever framework.

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